Removal of Furniture

removal of furnitureOh boy… Removal of Furniture is no fun at all.

You?ve just bought yourself a brand new bedroom set!? You can?t wait to get your new curio, bed set and dressers in place.? Or, perhaps you have just picked out the perfect couch for your living room.? Of course, you have your old existing bedroom set or awkwardly bulky couch to handle.? Just how do you deal with the problem of the removal of furniture that has been sitting in your room for untold years?? Old, bulky furniture is, quite frankly, a pain in the butt.

If you decide to handle the removal of furniture yourself, ensure that you enlist the help of at least two other able-bodied people.? Removing the furniture from your room is the easiest step in the process, but even that will require careful planning and preparation.? Clearing a path to the doorway, rearranging the rest of the room so that the furniture for removal is accessible and emptying the drawers are all time-consuming chores before you can even get to the removal of your furniture. Once you get out of the bedroom, den or living room, you will have to tip the unwieldy dresser or curio onto its side as you blindly make your way down the stairs or through any twists and door frames in your hallway. The slightest slip as you and your enlisted help attempt to manoeuvre a hulking dresser down your steps can spell disaster for your sensitive fingers, feet or, even worse, back problems, so you must think out and discuss every move before it is done. Miscalculating the angle at which to make your way down the stairs could gouge your wall, an unsightly and expensive mistake. If you and your help are not on the same page, a serious problem could very easily, and quickly, occur.? Like any other challenging project, teamwork and communication are key, but brute strength is also an important component in the removal of furniture.

Most couches don?t simply fit through the door frame of your house.? The legs, often a permanent piece of the couch frame, are easily overlooked, leading to precarious moments with a bulky couch jammed halfway through a doorway.? Your second and third attempts will often feel like a frustrating real-life game of Tetris, only you are playing with a two-hundred pound piece of rigid couch.

The removal of furniture from your house must be in-line with the ?bulk trash? pickup of whichever trash company you use.? This often occurs only once a month, so make sure you call ahead of time to determine which date you should coordinate all of these activities.

There is an alternative to doing this labor yourself, of course.? Clean out companies, such as One Call Cleanout, can be hired for a nominal price and handle the labor and removal of your furniture.? They will work around your schedule and because they are not beholden to any trash company, can handle furniture removal any day of the week.

Experienced removers are able to communicate clearly with one another, and have dealt with many types of structural challenges, so your walls and doorways will remain safe.

One Call Cleanout will oftentimes even recycle or re-sell your old furniture, saving items you may consider personally valuable.

Consider One Call Cleanout for the Removal of Furniture in your home today – call us at 215-989-4197

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